My Drawings

I draw good right if you guys like it but i got a lot of drawings! well i wanna show them to you guys but i don’t know how sorry but i can write it to you guys so the first one was Naio’s Dream its alot of stars yeah oh wait why do I do drawings cuz i do them with love for all of you guys i just like spreading love because you guys are all nice I like the way you guys read this if anybody reads my blogs your awesome guys i hope you like them all in the comments let me know if you like them and tell me how you feel when I say the complements to you guys I hope I reallyyyyy hope that you guys like the way i treat you guys if you guys like me just say in the comments and I don’t need you guys angry I need you guys happy.


Naio’s Kind Blog

The Pain Of Alina

Friday alina well the other one alina broke her foot ¬†I did’tn wanna go to so a can visit her she’s fine but that fine she was in a little pain and that made me sad ūüôĀ but she can walk which is good ūüôā i dont know when she’s gonna get better but she is not gonna be like ow and her foot its like bleeding not like she needs the a doctor well I’ll stop talking about that well im gonna be sad fo many days cuz I can’t play with her hard cuz she’ll get hurt and dont want that to happen to her do you guys do yalk to me in the chat okay now alina is gonna be happy cuz I’m there to help her and i want to serve her cuz she’s my best friend I don’t need her in pain I need her happy…


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The trampoline park

I went to the trampoline park in was amazing it was my first time of going there i felt happy i was like ”wow! the trampoline park is really big” ¬†there was a foam pit i went in i did a front flip! and a back flip i tried to do a wall back flip but i did’tn do it :< but was okay i guess i did a wall run tho and there was dodge ball too but i go hit in the head :< and i cried ;< but i was okay cuz it was’tn that hard ūüôā i played battle with alina and my mom it was who fell in the foam pit will lose the one standing there wins i won 2 times my mom was to strong she knocked me off noo but then i got revenge also with alina did that to i got revenge on her to! it was lots of fun my dad was a pro at dodge ball he never got hit and he hit every one without getting hit and dani was a pro at back flips and front flips ¬†he showed me how to do them well thats all for now bye bye.


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El Capetillo

vamos haser el taller de una comunidad de ni√Īos/ni√Īas pero tenemos que practicarlo muchas perroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas ¬†veses para poder haser lo y tenemos que nada pase mal pero nuestros padres van a es tar a i no podemos dejar que nada pase y si algo pasa la comunidad no va a quere estar en ExAlt so vamos a haser lo bien es tamos tratando para poder hser lo y no haser regueretes pero lo terminamos pronto pero ya lo hisimos haora que?.


Naio’s Blog

the sleepover

One exciting thing I did  in ExAlt today was i played minecraft and I stretched with Alex, Lila, Alina, jacek and Yineza.

Something I’m excited about today is that ¬†I am going to go on a sleepover at Lila’s house. Alichuchu and I are sleeping there for two days. Lila’s house GOT TWO FLOORS AND A POOL! and she has a brother called Leyson. Some of the things I intend to do there are:

  1. play in the pool
  2. eat a LOT of food and candy
  3. see videos
  4. call mom of something important
  5. play with the DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ANDDDD nap

The day of clibing

The day ¬†when we were going to go to The forest and when we saw a well i mean The people that came were LiLa and nabo, Alex and jacek, Valeria and nabo’s parents and LiLa’s parents and my parents my mom got sick so she couldn’t go so my dad took Her to The car of his and then came back everybody climbed The wall and then it was my turn i felt scared and i cried ¬†?¬†But I made it high much more higher than jacek and Nabo ?¬†they were too scared to climb I hope you’ve enjoyed my Blog


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Dia de pasqua

i’m not talking like this today hoy yo fui a la casa the mi ¬†abuela y tube mucho the diversion y jugue en mi tablet y mis juguetes ¬†tube mucha diversion y dormi muchisimo y que me tubieron que yevar mi bisicleta a mi casa y llegue a mi casa yo hise Roblox en mi tablet y despues jugue con mis juguetes y ahora me fui a mi Agile learing ¬†center que se llama Ex Alt y mi amiga ALICHUCHU

fue con migo en mi carro yo me diverty con todo el mundo de mi vida y yo pude tener el dia de mi vida y yo no pude ir a otros lugares porque? llovio en la casa de mis abuelos y no pude correr bisicleta.


Anaiomy’s Blog……..

the new student

Yesterday I saw a new student called Amaro! He was here when me and my mom ¬†visited ExAlt for the first time. <: Well the things I did with him I ¬†played, we talked about animals¬†¬†and i had lots lots of ¬†places I went with my friends, of course ¬†we can’t forget them, well I went to many many ¬†places that amaro¬†didn’t go to… he was fun tho, well I hope you enjoyed my blog.


Naio’s Awesome ¬†Blog

the beach day

yesterday ¬†i went to the beach with all me loved Friends we played we ran it was so much fun but……it was dangerous too i almost got taken by the waves i tried to swim away…but i made it i saw in the TV the waves where bad and many many people died…but i survived them well it was nice still but rain came >:( ¬† well when there was no rain i played in the sand with Eva Alina”s ¬†Sister shes only 2 years old Eva is to 2 years old oh.. you wanna know my Friends name? well theres Alina and lila and me my real name is Anaiomy i”m only 8 years old Alina is 10 lila is 8 too like me so thats the end bye…


Anaiomy”s Blog

The surprise

I was going to the Beach but it was a rainy day

I felt like I never could go to theBeach but I went to……………….Lela’s house and Alina was there and there was a pool and I swimed I was expecting nabo and jacek and Dani would come but they didn’t I felt sad ūüôĀ I thought they wouldn’t care about me ūüôĀ but I got over it and I loved that day so who ever reads this please like it okay